Satya sai baba

You may not love him. But, you cannot hate him.

So, why do basically people hate him?

He’s termed as god-man. He show’s off magic. He declared himself as god(how can he?) You may find many reason to show why you hate him.

Here are simple reasons why you shouldn’t hate him.

#He made puttaparthi an international place.(you have no idea about this just google)

#Puttaparthi was a dry land in late 70’s. After his arrival he has taken up many tasks like building dam’s, proper water supply, hospitals, institutes etc.

#Trust funded several major drinking water projects. Which eventually provided drinking water to 1.2 million people

#Other completed water projects include the Medak District Project benefiting 450,000 people in 179 villages and the Mahbubnagar District Project benefitting 350,000 people in 141 villages.

# A metropolitan city Chennai depends on “Satya sai water canal” for their drinking water.

#The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in Prashanti Nilayam is the only college in India to have received an “A++” rating by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council

#There are people who had their education in puttaparthi institutes. Now, are very succesful in life.

#Half of the population in puttaparthi depends on the revenue from the tourists.

#Many abroad mission were organized(especially to african countries) just to give them clothing, shelter and better food.

#Satya sai trust supports free schools in 166 countries

#He built a super-specialty hospital which give “FREE” medical and surgical care.

A man who helped millions directly and indirectly is being hated because he declared him self as GOD?(WONDER) He might not be GOD to you, but he is god to many! Ask them why!

Apart from the commercial achievements. He taught how to live,how to treat success and failures. For this very reason, he has followers in every sector. It is not the magic tricks that make this man. It’s the service he has done to the society that drew people towards him..that made millions pray for his recovery.

You may not love him, but don’t hate him!


Okay. Time to confess. I’ve always heard that India is a cricket crazy nation, never seen how and why? It took me 20 long years to figure out the intensity that prevails among the locale.

It was India Vs Aus quarter final clash. Two bulls fighting!(in spanish) It’s a Man U vs Chelsea(football guys). Who would want to miss the match? I wanted. Not by choice but by force. Finished my job, not wasting a milli- sec started my journey to my house! It is during the en-route I figured out the passion, intensity, craze of cricket in Hyderabad if not India.

Instance 1 :I saw a guy carrying a mammoth(when compared to todays radios) transistor radio(Kapil dev times) turning on the full volume.. Hindi commentary! man everyone in the bus, I dun know how many of them understand Hindi, looking at their faces they seem to understand. And m glad that the radio man was away from the driver!”Ye doorsa ball daalaa…off stump ke uuparr…aur ye maaraa…choouuka!” maaan..awesome no harsha bhogle no sidhu can come near to the age-old super cool hindi commentary#rush of blood.

Instance 2: I saw a couple..near a cafe as usually doing their job. Suddenly the guy distanced himself  from the girl*I was watching them with my eye-ball struck toward the corner of my eyes* and the guy shouted..WICKET! he was actually listening to the radio! maan..i had a chuckle.

Instance 3 : Walking down the lane. Filled with people, all busy guys grasping  in the hot snoring sun. Suddenly, street was almost had an empty kinda look. I raised my head. There was a pan shop with a small tv..a 10 inch tv? with around 25-30 ppl around it. Guys in the front were standing from a long tym(figured out by common sense)..all the busy guys who can’t afford to stand(to which they are not used to) were taking  a quick glimpse of the score..overs..people batting and bowling..thats all they need. In addition to this..a little advice to Mr Dhoni!

Instance 4 : I joined my friends in “cafe latte” to watch the match.  Every dot ball is cheered. When a wicket fell, i was remained of early man age. Jumping for the first time when he saw fire or food. Just no limits. Limit less fun..pure fun! Felt the excitement in air! Fun among the people. It was awesome. Awesome to have that feel!

Unlike the other posts,without any clamouring, I would like to begin this post.

I have a gut feeling that, we(Indians) are abandoning our festivals. Aren’t we? I seriously feel, YES! Examples make things interesting and clear.

Diwali, festival of lights. Instead of bragging about the importance. We often, at least majority of them end up campaign how to avoid the festival. So called environmentalists who are very interested to clean up earth by abandoning the festival are the most noticeable people. SAY NO TO DIWALI. PLEASE DO NOT BURST CRACKERS. I do agree, that the sound ..and air from the crackers are harmful to atmosphere. Is this a solid reason to avoid the festivals?

Ganesh Chaturthi: Again the environmentalists hit the roads. Please use MUD IDOLS. PLEASE DO NOT DUMP THE IDOLS IN RIVERS. This sounds valid.

HOLI: Play HOLI WITHGREEN colors? I feel that it would be better to provide people green colors rather than carrying a poster. Which comes to no ones notice anyway.

Campaigning about why to avoid a festival is ineffective and creates a negative impression. Instead, if we take the pain to campaign about the alternate and environmental friendly ways of celebrating a festival,we can end up preserving the tradition as well as the FUN! So, Say STOP to the STOP festivals campaign and START alternate ways campaign!

India needs green festivals. In other words, Indian festivals must turn green.I’m for it! ARE YOU?

Did i miss out any, global warming Indian festival?

So how do we know that onions are dearer.

# When money lenders accept onions as the deposits.

# Banks roll out “Onion loans”

# Onions cups will take place.

# Onion Tribunals will be set up to settle the disputes among the states regarding onions.

# People ask Onions as dowry.

# Pakisthan starts exporting something oder than terror.

# There will be Onion treaties.

# news channels have a separate  section “how to save your onions”

# Books called “how to save onions” will be the bestsellers!

Funny!Isn’t it?

As we(youth) are getting ready to take charge of GROWING INDIA.  Now, arises a need to question the existing system, policies. Nation needs a wake up call.Need to solve its root level problems. Our nation Need a change.

I Dream of a nation where education is not ONLY for elite people.

I dream of a nation where poverty is unheard of.

I dream of a nation where education is based on MERIT.

I dream of a country which is free from corruption.

I dream of a country where economy sets standards.

I dream of a nation which takes responsibility.

I dream of a nation where  governance is exemplified.

I dream of a nation where poor and rich are treated the same.

I dream of a nation where no one dies of HUNGER

I dream of a CHANGE ahead!

It not the question on how and why? It just the question of WHEN. Yes, India needs a revolution, a revolution born from the people the people the people!

Jai Hindh!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two short years since I started I Didn’t Know That!. Someone once said that “time really flies when you’re having fun” and that certainly has been the case for me.

When I first started blogging I wondered if anyone would even notice me, much less take the time to leave a comment. I can’t begin to tell you how much your feedback and encouraging comments have meant to me.

Blogging had taught me many things(still teaching). It helped me to understand the WEB of WEB. Kept me updated on certain stuff. Made me feel like some one is listening you or waiting for you to speak!(awsm feel!) JAN 26th 2008! the day when i got into the pool of blogging, not knowing that i would swim for 2 years! and it would indeed turn up as my passion!

Thank YOU!

Hyderabad!was looking gorgeous with the cold cover. It seemed like my Delhi trip amplified the beauty(felt the fear of missing it!) Started my journey towards the airport, seriously hyd nva looked so cool. Gorgeous is a understatment or underexpression for air hostess of  kingfisher. A little advice from me: please do not watch any weather report before departure. It dampens your air bound enjoyment. You start worrying about the safe landing of the airplane. Air bus 320 painted in red. Air hostess costumes are red(not their faces);) seats are red. I expected them to serve RED BULL. To my disappointment, i had to settle with LMN.(hate to prounce it).


All went well, landed on time(i mean plus 10minz). Terminal-3, my first look at this terminal. It is a walker’s paradise. You find sky walks, first eva in India. I must confess, the only airport i’ve eve seen that reflects or blends Indian culture with technology. Truly a cool one.



Every Inch of Manali-Solang road deserves an applause, truly a magnificent road to travel on. Though it is narrow n scary, let me tell you it is a fest for your eyes and if you are a photographer make sure you are carrying enough reels or king size mem card! In contrast to the buzzing city life we live in, the serenity.. tranquility of the place made me say aww! seriously felt like heaven on earth:P



Solang: Adobe of snow! It doesn’t mean that. But it makes you feel so. The cool over there make you feel warm! 😉 I am finding it to hard to describe. But, a have to be place.





I seriously pity Mr nizzamudin(have no clue who is he) A railway station in Delhi is named after him, so he should be SOME ONE. I pity him because, i’ve cursed it twice in the tour. Primarily the station sucks big time! You can take this station as an example on how not to maintain a rly station. I should be traveling to amritsar by 8 30 train. It got delayed by 6 hours! 6 damn hours! made double dozen of trips to the enquiry counter, all i got is we “regret” for the in convince. I used to laugh about the train delays, now i had a life time experience. 😐 The pik on the right is IRCTC canteen, where we spent around 4 hrz sitting 😐



Moving over the disappointment of the amritsar tour. We planned for UDAIPUR the next day, booked tickets..for the 8’O clock train from NZM 😐 I had a gut feeling that some thing would happen this time too. If fog played a spoil sport in Amritsar plan.Now its the turn of Delhi traffic and our super sucking driver VICKY:| He doesn’t know the route to NZM railway station 😐 Woah! everything seems add up to our bad kismat! 😦



Jaipur,  kinda congested but its  worth to spend your time here. City of forts, the architecture, the technology used is unmatchable! for eva! each fort is a master piece. Amber fort is built by a king to accommodate his princess 😐 He had around 109 wives. Solid he is! Jaipur, would be caged in my pool of memory for initiating interest in me to learn about Indian history!

Long time since i wrote any stuff bad..apart from exams,life was “gota share” inspirations to write was as dull as any balakrishna’s movie.

Yes, i have something to write on now. Had a B-E-A-uitiful incident/experience this morning. It was 7 30 winter morning..wake up to my boring alarm music  which is  like linkinpark singing a symphony song 😐 Had to rush to my CAT(aspiring MBA I am 😉 class scheduled @8 45.

Jumped on to my activa it was sluggish(machine, no exception in winter) It was 8 15 n it is still called early morning(with low voice,mind u its winter) otherwise it is called with a heavy noise..8888:44444555555!!!!(got my feel?)

It was exactly at trimulghery cross where my activa met a female activa. I tell you traffic stops are the boring places  if you are  struck right behind a mamoth..tourist bus..and placed just beside a car ..with its window pane closed 😐

#you can’t look at the signal post . you cannot see it anyway

#you can’t look into the car beside you. Because you  might end up in intruding others privacy.

It is a mixed fortune for me!(happy, coz every tym I end up on the misplaced fortune side). My traffic stop neighbour was another activa..which looked gorgeous coz of a girl on it! things tend to look bright in winter mornings! 😉

It’s not easy to look at someone, when you know that, that someone shouldn’t know that you are spying on him/her. Eye balls tend to slip to the corner of the eyes. woo..I knew it was a girl on the activa(dun ask me how;)) . I was anxious to see her face! But, to my frustration she had a blue cloth all around her face i mean all around her HEAD! damn! for a second I was flabbergasted.

Kikk kikkkkkk… oopsy it was green..people behind me are more interested in looking at the signal.. where as i was busy with my eye balls around the corner of  my eyes trying to look at the gal’s face.

I moved raced on to catch her up. Have to admit..gals are stupid in driving to say the least 😐 I drove almost on par with the gal.after sometime i realized that was the most stupidest thing that i did giving a wrong.. “oh someone’s following me impression” to that girl. I raced past her..i kept her activa..exactly on to the center of the my rare view mirror. Best thing to do at that point of time. That too didn’t last for long. I almost crashed into that mammoth tourist bus..damn..she bypassed me(that’s more disappointing) .

Well m used to such kinda disappointments . No regrets. it was already 8 2nd CAT class..i thought it would be better to look at the road. Here come’s the sweetest surprise. I found that gal’s activa..right in the parking area of TIME! wooho!!..Yep, it was the same activa..i dun knw how..i recognized..but i knw that it’s the same activa..HOPE NO TIME friend of mine is reading this post 😛 I thought to wait till the end of the class..n see who wears that blue thing around the neck ..but the expectation was in vain..all my class least majority of them ..came with their dad’s! 😐 That activa gal could be my TIME senior 😀 Thats it!.

Had a self laugh about the incident and on my way back..neva dared to look onto my sides :D.. Hope to meet the gal without that blue thing Next sunday 🙂


Well, long time since i clicked on “new post”. Here is something that i would like to share with my blog population. I dun know about the world culture or habit. But,when i purchase a new thing, for that matter even an eraser or a sharpener, i tend to admire it regardless of its worth. The only common thing that combines a pencil and a benz car is a tag called NEW.

Having said that, HTC WILDFIRE, names sounds very intense. In contrast it is as cool as Pluto’s night atmosphere(temperature is lesser than ICE mind you;)). I ain’t gonna review it here. But, would like to share the un-boxing of  HTC wildfire and my musings.

When you buy any new thing(here phone)..

# Your eyes get brighter, you can see an atomic size dust particle on that phone

#Your’s hands get tighter. You tend to hold, in a way hug your phone.

#Your brain gets smarter. You always come up with a nice plans to spend more time with your phone.

# We get research hungry. We(atleast i) tend to explore all the features on the phone instantly.

# We become scientists. We think of maintaining it, keeping in mind the past flopped experiments on the older phone.

# We become media persons. We become sensational. Adding masala to the existing features and explaining it .

# we get emotional. feeling like you were born just to hold this phone. 😛

# We become nurses in the hospital. From the moment we buy it. We tend to cover it with solid things to protect it.(not in my case) i would like to experience the real phone rather than keeping it in a cover or whatevea!

In a way we become addicted!

M’ addicted to my wildfire.

Leaving aside the most common things that we do during the power cuts(chatting, music). Here is the list I managed to create, embedding the things I’ve done during the black out. Power cut’s create best friends. I found few best friends, just to name few.. CANDLE, torch-light, wax…

I am specifically speaking about the power cut during the rainy times, esp nite times, where we cannot step out. Which is different from summer power cuts, where at least we can roam out(terrace, colony roads etc)! You need to pass the time ryt? Here are the things I’ve done. Lena hai tho lo.. nahi too chod do..!

# Do not use emergency lamps. Those are BORING. Instead use a CANDLE.

# Play with the Yellow flame of the candle. Safe it is, untill and unless you move to the blue part which can burn your FINGER 😉

# Collect the wax formed under the candle.. and try to make different shapes. It pains for a second when you first touch it. It’s fun though.

# Best part with the night power cuts, is that you can have a CANDLE light dinner@ur beautiful home.

# Some candles can float on water. Now, dun make another titanic ova there.

# Put the candle against a wall, and try out different shadow shapes over the wall. Super fun it is!

# Moon looks like a 1000w incandescent it!(for romantic ppl)

# Again getting back to the candle. Try sticking out candle on different surfaces.(even though you have a holder!)

#Now, find a torch-light and focus it on neighbors window. You will surely have some company to CHAT with 😉 (at your own risk, it depends upon the type of neighbors you have ;-))

# Torch light photography(love this) take out your cam. turn off the flash.Focus the torch onto your face or on to your eyes and try taking the pik of that pose.  You can use it to scare people on Halloween day! 😉

# Try calling the electricity office and get frustrated.

# keep thinking about the things you might have done if power was there.

# Chat with your mom.

# Scold PM, CM, Line man, Power corp officials for the power cut and blame them for corruption.

# talk to friends about the ghosts and haunted houses.

# Power cut’s make the surroundings pretty quite! So, laugh ALOUD!

That’s it. Any new submissions are most welcomed! 🙂 Power cut’s are the best way to test your creativity. So, the next time you have a power cut. Stop crying and start wondering!






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