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Life has become a routine in the past 3 months. Nothing new..nothing exciting oh! Wait probably it is,but it is again a routine excitement. One will loose interest in what he is doing if he’s doing the same thing for about 3 months. Isn’t it?

It is! At least for me..I’ve decided to take a break from this routine. Long or shot..I need a break else I cannot love what I’m doing. That’s debatable. Alright let’s get to the point. I’m heading to Nepal for a week. Week sounds short but it’s 7 days!! 7 days is a big thing for a guy who’s a slave in a MNC.

Why Nepal?
Simple, I don’t have a passport. And Nepal doesn’t ask for a passport.

What in Nepal?
See, reading personal blogs are not always bad! Anyways, Definitely not the capital city. There’s a place named pokhara. for better understanding..pokhara is the Darjeeling of Nepal. With a slight difference.

What is that difference?
Pokhara is in Himalayan ranges. Serves as a base camp for many top of the world climbers. Got me? Also, the most important, interesting and striking point is that you can do cross country paragliding. Yeah, I had goosebumps when I first read this. ‘Cross country’ woah!

What will I do in Nepal(expectation)
Take a picture while entering in Nepal. Serves a purpose.
Do cross country paragliding.
A Nepalese massage.
Pray to Buddha.
Forget about Hyderabad
Will stop comparing to another country.
Will look at the currency.
Will try to learn few words in Nepali.

I want to have that travellers backpack. Unfortunately I cannot bear that weight. Hence I’ve created my own backpack called KaBaPa. Full form left to your imagination. I will try to use technology to capture ‘live’ moments.I’m excited.

By the way, will be leaving on Monday the 15th of October!


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