Have you ever experienced the feeling of weightlessness or just floated in the air for 5 mins? isn’t just the thought of floating and flying in the air gives you goosebumps? What if you actually did it? I’ll tell you what it takes and how it is. Because I’ve done it.

So, neither  JADOO  showered blessings upon me nor I had super powers n just flew off. If you had read my previous post of Show Of  Snow, you would be aware that I was in a place where trees are more than humans..where snow is pure than white..where air is cooler than those city mornings. ROTHANG.

The return journey from ROTHANG:

After all the fun in that snow(it wasn’t tiring though) started a long walk back towards the car.  After all that fun all I am reminded off is that “get back to routine” Fine! got into the car. Got out of those ice suits. Laid back. Just recollecting those beautiful moments I spent with mother nature. Just looked back to bid a good-bye to the place.

Me: Oh! wait.. wa wa what is that? (I see green colored creatures flying over rather gliding over)

Sis: I guess it’s paragliding.

Me: Damn! yeah..(this was the thing which actually didn’t pop out from those early search results-POST 1)

Me: I want to do it.

sis: It’s risky. What if you just float away?

…haha typical non-science graduates. Well, earth is not so rude to just throw me away, so don’t worry i’ll stick to it. Stopped at one of those paragliding camp. Inquired about the prize and travel time. No matching at all! Bargained hard. I was stunned at the final prize I managed to negotiate. This is my day!

Many people pulled over to the spot and were having a look from the edge of the cliff muttering and going back. Only few were ACTUALLY interested in taking the risk in seeing the things differently. Having said that, there was no queue. I actually love the stuff that one gets to wear when you are entering or doing non frequent task. Those helmets..the jackets ignited me I say! Wore a helmet and a jacket. Oh! man finally I am into something. People over the top got clearance signal from the ground. I was introduced to the person who would be taking in the air and guiding me in the air. They began to attach all sort of strings to my jacket. Man! This is awesome.

Minutes before take off:

I don’t know how the flight would be. But, these arrangement’s are making me crazy. Strings attached. Helmets worn. There was a couch like thing under the person. I wondered why and mockery of that. Eventually, I had to occupy that place. So set up is something like this. The person is above you with all the controls of parachute and you would be attached to the person VIA couch. That’s ok. Ultimately I have to fly!

The instruction was clear and gun shot. I was staring at the cliff end. The instruction was to RUN as fast as you can to clear the cliff. Otherwise take off would be a failure and your will eventually ROLL down the cliff. Woah! and with that heavy dress? Ah! it takes something to feel the incredible thing right? No second thoughts! let’s do it. Green flag is shown. I collected all my energy pumped it to the legs. No! I didn’t close my eyes. I was still staring at the cliff end. Still running..there it is…hardly 5 seconds to reach the end..still running..no glimpse of opening up of parachute..there I go.JUMP with a HUGE sigh..and here comes the parachute..zzzom! The momentum pulled us down..but later we gained the height. A height from where every vehicle  was like childhood HOT wheels CAR.  People where like dwarfs. leave that. Mountains man! Trees. wow it was.

There was a bird which I can see is coming towards us. HOUSTAN(the guide) we’ve got a problem. HOUSTAN said:  Lite! 😐 The bird just intersected us. I mean just flew away from those parachute stings.  The landing was bumpy but was funny!

I actually find it hard to describe it. Hence here is the video of my FLIGHT. Decide for yourself. isn’t that worth taking a risk?

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