Before the trip:

It was Nov 2009. Just a month after I secured a seat in a GOOD college here in Hyderabad. I was so “unstable” I decided to go on a trip to Himachal Pradesh with my cousin. Timing was so perfect that many people recommended this place in the month of NOV-Jan( if you are an adventurer) . My uncle and my Father were working on a project in Himachal Pradesh in a town called Bhuntar( near to kullu valley). When the Flight tickets were confirmed the next thing I did was to google the tourist attractions near kullu-manali. All the search results popped up a name called “ROHTANG PASS”

The pictures of ROHTANG PASS are amazing. Absolute adobe of snow. Clear justification of the word called HIMACHAL Man! That is the moment I felt I am up to something. I was so excited, I started to dream about building an IGLOO, meeting PINGU( if u are a cartoon freak) and doing many more things. But, there was one thing I left out or even didn’t even think about doing it. But eventually had done it.

Things you need to know:

Well, ROHTANG is not a place     which is just in the outskirts of a city.  It is definitely not a place for   people who have breathing problem(altitude matters). It is neither well-connected nor has a 4 lane road. The route to rothang is hardly a “complete lane road” In other words the road exactly(if not more/less) accommodates a LORRY.  The most important point is that you need to start early in the morning from kullu or manali in order to reach Rohtang by the dawn. If not the serpentine traffic JAM will consume all your energy and dreams. Mind you there is no U-TURN! I do not know whether it is a coincidence or not. But the vehicle I took was MAHINDRA BOLERO. *Not for the contest* But I felt it best suited the track. Suspension was awesome.

On that DAY:

Packed all the stuff. Repeated reminder from my mom and dad fixed every thing for me. My sister was equally exited. Driver was roaring to go(dont know why) We started our journey. We slowly moved out off the manali valley. Roads started to look more tiny. Turns were deadly. Precision is the key! The seat next to the driver is the hot seat. Sit there for heaven’s sake! Each passing vehicle made me more and more exciting! I recommend you to look on to your left side which will ruin your stomach and gives you are awesome feel! It was the HUGGGGGGE valley! covered with snow. Lush green trees. Snow covered mountains. And the road bumps!  Finally, stuck in a traffic JAM 😐 But it was worth it. Had ample amount of time to go out and capture “NEver again” pictures. One need to rent those “ICE MAN SUITE” if you want to feel how is it to be in the shoes of HEDMOND HILLARY. Finally and finally reached ROHTANG. I expected a HUGE board something like WELCOME TO ROHTANG( which was not there anyway) I expected some nice way to climb to the top(which was also not there). These were blessing in disguise.


With those not so heavy ICE MAN wear. Those boots and ski sticks I started to feel that I could easily take down the EVEREST. I was stating the same to my sister. This is when I fall into a small pit 😐 I had my heart in my mouth when I realized that the place were I steeped doesn’t have a concert base. GYAN: Never mess with huge names like, Everest. One leg was consumed by heavenly SNOW. Thanx to those ICE MAN wear hardly felt the cold. Finally after a laughable time my leg was back onto the surface. Climb Continued.  People were splashing each others face with snow balls. Falling down from a height. Throwing the snow into the air. Nothing caught my attention. Nothing!


I wish I was a mechanical engineer to guess the sound of a roaring Engine. Sadly, I am a communications engineer. So, I communicated with the person who was with that machine. Man! It was a snow ride. Forget about the price. You haven’t gone there to bargain and come back disappointed.  Go for it my mind said! I climbed on the machine. The engine sound was through my stomach! Zoooooom! he I come ROHTANG (sorry I am already there) Here I come ZERO POINT. The name was amazing. Zero POINT? Anything to do with Ramanujam? No. Zero point is something from which you can only find snow. Just snow. Just before zero point was the originating point of a river( I guess testa)


Man! forget the cameras videos and stuff. Enjoy THE moment! Though the roads were bumpy. The experience was aaaamazing! Needless to mention, the bumpy roads tripled the excitement. The single lane roads(two-way) are so dangerous that I bet you will have your heart in the mouth, if you are sitting next to the driver. Adding to this there were signs like “landslide prone” making it more fervor.  Just a slip. Momentary loss of concentration  will cost you a lot! The excitement is ubiquitous. Lush green valley topped with snow is a perfect setting. The ride is equally amazing. But, there thoughts shouldn’t be with you always! You are THERE its your MOMENT go for it. Enjoy to the core! Be adventurous BE safe!

A huge thanx to Border Road Organization for those amazing road at high altitudes(respect) As the one of the quote says ” We have sacrificed our TODAY for your TOMORROW” which aptly describes the service of BRO

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