Everybody is an agent of change but when these agents of change get “together” then it’s called a “revolution”. 

Before actually getting into the topic I would like to quote an example. Let us suppose that a train accident took place. The opposition blames the railway minister and ask for his dismissal/resignation. Railway minister blames the regional railway head..the regional head blames the station head..station head blames the line man..the line man (to safeguard him self) blames the train driver.. Unfortunately the train driver is dead other wise he would have transferred the blame on to the person who introduced railways :\

More seriously, what I would like to highlight is the failure of accountability at every level. You see people transferring the blame to another. There is no sense of accountability. Accountability might not act as a breather for the accident victims but would prevent further accidents. If there is accountability at the highest level that would be infectious to  the entire hierarchy. Minister would be more responsible division head would be more careful line man would pay more attention. Here I quoted railways as just as an example this theory of accountability is applicable everywhere.

So given an opportunity to change something around me I would like to inculcate accountability among the people. Accountability not only creates a self check but also instills certain amount of fear of losing the job. In a way it also checks the corruption. Lack of accountability among people can be compared with a monkey which is drunk and has a stick in hand. It has all freedom to hit any one. But, if there is a sense of responsibility and a sense of accountability about the repercussion of certain action then the doers would think twice before committing a crime.  I guess people shoul move on from the age-old “Chalega” attitude to “Aise kaisa hoga” attitude.

As someone rightly said ” Change is the essence of life”