Cricket is something that unites India across its length and breadth. Sachin, is that some one who inspires the worlds second most populated country. Having said that, the recent developments to an extent were undermining the legacy of this undisputed god of cricket.  Few days back the whole nation rallied for the demand that sachin should be conferred Bharat Ratna. Now, the voice is divided(to an extent)  into two. One, for Sachin and the other for Indian Cricket team(not against sachin) which has lager implications. What let to this divide? The great failure of sachin to score runs in the recent ODI’s against the kangaroos and more importantly that  3 digit number.. that 100 he is consistently failing to make. Nevertheless, we all unequivocally support Sachin. But, the time has come to take terms with reality. Sachin must take leave.

As quoted by one of his team mates, ” Sachin carried Indian cricket for many long years. Now, its  time for us to carry him”  100 is just a number..that one number wouldn’t change the faith we have in this man.. wouldn’t ever deteriorate a single mole of respect we have on this man.

Indian cricket team wouldn’t be the world champions if we were worried about the replacement for Sunil Gavaskar. If we had not let Kapil Dev to retire. If we had held sourav ganguly to play on.(with all due respects to these great players). For that matter, would we be able to see sachin himself  if we had refused to let go seniors? Things have to move on. Apparently, we shouldn’t look at replacing sachin(anyway we wouldn’t find a perfect match) There is no replacement to this great sports star. But, there are innumerable people who were inspired by this master blaster, who according to me are the right people to carry on the legacy of a man called sachin tendulkar.

Please note that this one tour of Australia doesn’t undervalue the contributions he made to the Indian Cricket. But, time has come to face the reality. Sachin must pass on his legacy to the young turks who are waiting for THAT ONE CHANCE to prove that India is not made up of sachin alone but of people who took inspiration from the great man.

Sachin.. pass the legacy..don’t delay it!