UPA dubbed it as a Game Changer, opposition termed it as ‘Political Gimmik’  if you’re a regular news hungry ‘being by now you’d have understood what I’m talking about. Direct Cash transfer, first, I’m glad that they’re no Gandhian prefix or suffix. More seriously, this scheme is aimed at replacing the age old subsidies by directly giving money to the deprived. It is a known fact that GOI in many occasions stated the need of bringing down the subsidy load on GDP.

Put aside the timing of the DCT. More serious question would be, will it achieve what it is expected to? May or May not.

DCT was a brain child of two Mexican scholars. In the year 1997, when mexico was facing serious economic downturn the then Mexican government has decided to set up a mechanism to address the economic issues. The two gentlemen with tons of technical information and statics gave presentations to all the stake holders which eliminated the air of mi trust and skepticism  Though, India has imported the idea of DCT did it import the same determination to implement  is the question!

Mexican government though in serious mess, didn’t rush up the scheme instead they set up a field study to evaluate the pros and cons involved. Weighted the pros and cons and initiated the project which turned out to be the most useful step. Field study helped to point out the leakage points, target points and accordingly the experts framed a policy.

DCT is based on UID.  So, people who are BPL and have UID will benefit from the scheme. But, does all the BPL people have UID? No straight answer. We cannot afford to make our best guess for a scheme of this magnitude. The intention may be good but without proper plan intention will not lead anywhere. Also, one more important pre-requisite is bank account. The money will be directly credited to the persons bank account. Question here is how many BPL people have bank account?  ‘Swabhiman’ is aimed at establishing bank in small towns there by encouraging people to open bank accounts. If you pull the data from this scheme it is abundantly clear that the not all BPL people have bank accounts. Now, if you sum up the number of people who don’t have UID and Bank Account I bet that wouldn’t be negligible.

Indian context is quite in contrast, it seems like GOI is in Rush Hour mode to introduce the scheme. No field studies done, more importantly the point of leakages haven’t been identified. Without which it would be pouring water into an already obsolete pot which will eventually flow out.

I personally, don’t think that DCT will address the core issue. Instead it will soon turn out to be a scheme difficult to handle for the current and future FM’s which is nothing but wasting the resources of nation. For a scheme of this magnitude government should have conducted field work by experts which would help the government to devise a proper road map.

Can we afford to go forward with such huge discrepancies?  Aren’t we diluting the  scheme?  Shouldn’t the government be using more robust mechanisms to study the ground realities instead of hurrying the  scheme ?

Questions are many. Scheme is new. But will it make through?




Life has become a routine in the past 3 months. Nothing new..nothing exciting oh! Wait probably it is,but it is again a routine excitement. One will loose interest in what he is doing if he’s doing the same thing for about 3 months. Isn’t it?

It is! At least for me..I’ve decided to take a break from this routine. Long or shot..I need a break else I cannot love what I’m doing. That’s debatable. Alright let’s get to the point. I’m heading to Nepal for a week. Week sounds short but it’s 7 days!! 7 days is a big thing for a guy who’s a slave in a MNC.

Why Nepal?
Simple, I don’t have a passport. And Nepal doesn’t ask for a passport.

What in Nepal?
See, reading personal blogs are not always bad! Anyways, Definitely not the capital city. There’s a place named pokhara. for better understanding..pokhara is the Darjeeling of Nepal. With a slight difference.

What is that difference?
Pokhara is in Himalayan ranges. Serves as a base camp for many top of the world climbers. Got me? Also, the most important, interesting and striking point is that you can do cross country paragliding. Yeah, I had goosebumps when I first read this. ‘Cross country’ woah!

What will I do in Nepal(expectation)
Take a picture while entering in Nepal. Serves a purpose.
Do cross country paragliding.
A Nepalese massage.
Pray to Buddha.
Forget about Hyderabad
Will stop comparing to another country.
Will look at the currency.
Will try to learn few words in Nepali.

I want to have that travellers backpack. Unfortunately I cannot bear that weight. Hence I’ve created my own backpack called KaBaPa. Full form left to your imagination. I will try to use technology to capture ‘live’ moments.I’m excited.

By the way, will be leaving on Monday the 15th of October!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of weightlessness or just floated in the air for 5 mins? isn’t just the thought of floating and flying in the air gives you goosebumps? What if you actually did it? I’ll tell you what it takes and how it is. Because I’ve done it.

So, neither  JADOO  showered blessings upon me nor I had super powers n just flew off. If you had read my previous post of Show Of  Snow, you would be aware that I was in a place where trees are more than humans..where snow is pure than white..where air is cooler than those city mornings. ROTHANG.

The return journey from ROTHANG:

After all the fun in that snow(it wasn’t tiring though) started a long walk back towards the car.  After all that fun all I am reminded off is that “get back to routine” Fine! got into the car. Got out of those ice suits. Laid back. Just recollecting those beautiful moments I spent with mother nature. Just looked back to bid a good-bye to the place.

Me: Oh! wait.. wa wa what is that? (I see green colored creatures flying over rather gliding over)

Sis: I guess it’s paragliding.

Me: Damn! yeah..(this was the thing which actually didn’t pop out from those early search results-POST 1)

Me: I want to do it.

sis: It’s risky. What if you just float away?

…haha typical non-science graduates. Well, earth is not so rude to just throw me away, so don’t worry i’ll stick to it. Stopped at one of those paragliding camp. Inquired about the prize and travel time. No matching at all! Bargained hard. I was stunned at the final prize I managed to negotiate. This is my day!

Many people pulled over to the spot and were having a look from the edge of the cliff muttering and going back. Only few were ACTUALLY interested in taking the risk in seeing the things differently. Having said that, there was no queue. I actually love the stuff that one gets to wear when you are entering or doing non frequent task. Those helmets..the jackets ignited me I say! Wore a helmet and a jacket. Oh! man finally I am into something. People over the top got clearance signal from the ground. I was introduced to the person who would be taking in the air and guiding me in the air. They began to attach all sort of strings to my jacket. Man! This is awesome.

Minutes before take off:

I don’t know how the flight would be. But, these arrangement’s are making me crazy. Strings attached. Helmets worn. There was a couch like thing under the person. I wondered why and mockery of that. Eventually, I had to occupy that place. So set up is something like this. The person is above you with all the controls of parachute and you would be attached to the person VIA couch. That’s ok. Ultimately I have to fly!

The instruction was clear and gun shot. I was staring at the cliff end. The instruction was to RUN as fast as you can to clear the cliff. Otherwise take off would be a failure and your will eventually ROLL down the cliff. Woah! and with that heavy dress? Ah! it takes something to feel the incredible thing right? No second thoughts! let’s do it. Green flag is shown. I collected all my energy pumped it to the legs. No! I didn’t close my eyes. I was still staring at the cliff end. Still running..there it is…hardly 5 seconds to reach the end..still running..no glimpse of opening up of parachute..there I go.JUMP with a HUGE sigh..and here comes the parachute..zzzom! The momentum pulled us down..but later we gained the height. A height from where every vehicle  was like childhood HOT wheels CAR.  People where like dwarfs. leave that. Mountains man! Trees. wow it was.

There was a bird which I can see is coming towards us. HOUSTAN(the guide) we’ve got a problem. HOUSTAN said:  Lite! 😐 The bird just intersected us. I mean just flew away from those parachute stings.  The landing was bumpy but was funny!

I actually find it hard to describe it. Hence here is the video of my FLIGHT. Decide for yourself. isn’t that worth taking a risk?

Take a Look at the NEW Mahindra XUV. Killer looks! This post is part of MAHINDRA contest on Indiblogger

Before the trip:

It was Nov 2009. Just a month after I secured a seat in a GOOD college here in Hyderabad. I was so “unstable” I decided to go on a trip to Himachal Pradesh with my cousin. Timing was so perfect that many people recommended this place in the month of NOV-Jan( if you are an adventurer) . My uncle and my Father were working on a project in Himachal Pradesh in a town called Bhuntar( near to kullu valley). When the Flight tickets were confirmed the next thing I did was to google the tourist attractions near kullu-manali. All the search results popped up a name called “ROHTANG PASS”

The pictures of ROHTANG PASS are amazing. Absolute adobe of snow. Clear justification of the word called HIMACHAL Man! That is the moment I felt I am up to something. I was so excited, I started to dream about building an IGLOO, meeting PINGU( if u are a cartoon freak) and doing many more things. But, there was one thing I left out or even didn’t even think about doing it. But eventually had done it.

Things you need to know:

Well, ROHTANG is not a place     which is just in the outskirts of a city.  It is definitely not a place for   people who have breathing problem(altitude matters). It is neither well-connected nor has a 4 lane road. The route to rothang is hardly a “complete lane road” In other words the road exactly(if not more/less) accommodates a LORRY.  The most important point is that you need to start early in the morning from kullu or manali in order to reach Rohtang by the dawn. If not the serpentine traffic JAM will consume all your energy and dreams. Mind you there is no U-TURN! I do not know whether it is a coincidence or not. But the vehicle I took was MAHINDRA BOLERO. *Not for the contest* But I felt it best suited the track. Suspension was awesome.

On that DAY:

Packed all the stuff. Repeated reminder from my mom and dad fixed every thing for me. My sister was equally exited. Driver was roaring to go(dont know why) We started our journey. We slowly moved out off the manali valley. Roads started to look more tiny. Turns were deadly. Precision is the key! The seat next to the driver is the hot seat. Sit there for heaven’s sake! Each passing vehicle made me more and more exciting! I recommend you to look on to your left side which will ruin your stomach and gives you are awesome feel! It was the HUGGGGGGE valley! covered with snow. Lush green trees. Snow covered mountains. And the road bumps!  Finally, stuck in a traffic JAM 😐 But it was worth it. Had ample amount of time to go out and capture “NEver again” pictures. One need to rent those “ICE MAN SUITE” if you want to feel how is it to be in the shoes of HEDMOND HILLARY. Finally and finally reached ROHTANG. I expected a HUGE board something like WELCOME TO ROHTANG( which was not there anyway) I expected some nice way to climb to the top(which was also not there). These were blessing in disguise.


With those not so heavy ICE MAN wear. Those boots and ski sticks I started to feel that I could easily take down the EVEREST. I was stating the same to my sister. This is when I fall into a small pit 😐 I had my heart in my mouth when I realized that the place were I steeped doesn’t have a concert base. GYAN: Never mess with huge names like, Everest. One leg was consumed by heavenly SNOW. Thanx to those ICE MAN wear hardly felt the cold. Finally after a laughable time my leg was back onto the surface. Climb Continued.  People were splashing each others face with snow balls. Falling down from a height. Throwing the snow into the air. Nothing caught my attention. Nothing!


I wish I was a mechanical engineer to guess the sound of a roaring Engine. Sadly, I am a communications engineer. So, I communicated with the person who was with that machine. Man! It was a snow ride. Forget about the price. You haven’t gone there to bargain and come back disappointed.  Go for it my mind said! I climbed on the machine. The engine sound was through my stomach! Zoooooom! he I come ROHTANG (sorry I am already there) Here I come ZERO POINT. The name was amazing. Zero POINT? Anything to do with Ramanujam? No. Zero point is something from which you can only find snow. Just snow. Just before zero point was the originating point of a river( I guess testa)


Man! forget the cameras videos and stuff. Enjoy THE moment! Though the roads were bumpy. The experience was aaaamazing! Needless to mention, the bumpy roads tripled the excitement. The single lane roads(two-way) are so dangerous that I bet you will have your heart in the mouth, if you are sitting next to the driver. Adding to this there were signs like “landslide prone” making it more fervor.  Just a slip. Momentary loss of concentration  will cost you a lot! The excitement is ubiquitous. Lush green valley topped with snow is a perfect setting. The ride is equally amazing. But, there thoughts shouldn’t be with you always! You are THERE its your MOMENT go for it. Enjoy to the core! Be adventurous BE safe!

A huge thanx to Border Road Organization for those amazing road at high altitudes(respect) As the one of the quote says ” We have sacrificed our TODAY for your TOMORROW” which aptly describes the service of BRO

Take a Look at the NEW Mahindra XUV. Killer looks! This post is part of MAHINDRA contest on Indiblogger

 Everybody is an agent of change but when these agents of change get “together” then it’s called a “revolution”. 

Before actually getting into the topic I would like to quote an example. Let us suppose that a train accident took place. The opposition blames the railway minister and ask for his dismissal/resignation. Railway minister blames the regional railway head..the regional head blames the station head..station head blames the line man..the line man (to safeguard him self) blames the train driver.. Unfortunately the train driver is dead other wise he would have transferred the blame on to the person who introduced railways :\

More seriously, what I would like to highlight is the failure of accountability at every level. You see people transferring the blame to another. There is no sense of accountability. Accountability might not act as a breather for the accident victims but would prevent further accidents. If there is accountability at the highest level that would be infectious to  the entire hierarchy. Minister would be more responsible division head would be more careful line man would pay more attention. Here I quoted railways as just as an example this theory of accountability is applicable everywhere.

So given an opportunity to change something around me I would like to inculcate accountability among the people. Accountability not only creates a self check but also instills certain amount of fear of losing the job. In a way it also checks the corruption. Lack of accountability among people can be compared with a monkey which is drunk and has a stick in hand. It has all freedom to hit any one. But, if there is a sense of responsibility and a sense of accountability about the repercussion of certain action then the doers would think twice before committing a crime.  I guess people shoul move on from the age-old “Chalega” attitude to “Aise kaisa hoga” attitude.

As someone rightly said ” Change is the essence of life”

Cricket is something that unites India across its length and breadth. Sachin, is that some one who inspires the worlds second most populated country. Having said that, the recent developments to an extent were undermining the legacy of this undisputed god of cricket.  Few days back the whole nation rallied for the demand that sachin should be conferred Bharat Ratna. Now, the voice is divided(to an extent)  into two. One, for Sachin and the other for Indian Cricket team(not against sachin) which has lager implications. What let to this divide? The great failure of sachin to score runs in the recent ODI’s against the kangaroos and more importantly that  3 digit number.. that 100 he is consistently failing to make. Nevertheless, we all unequivocally support Sachin. But, the time has come to take terms with reality. Sachin must take leave.

As quoted by one of his team mates, ” Sachin carried Indian cricket for many long years. Now, its  time for us to carry him”  100 is just a number..that one number wouldn’t change the faith we have in this man.. wouldn’t ever deteriorate a single mole of respect we have on this man.

Indian cricket team wouldn’t be the world champions if we were worried about the replacement for Sunil Gavaskar. If we had not let Kapil Dev to retire. If we had held sourav ganguly to play on.(with all due respects to these great players). For that matter, would we be able to see sachin himself  if we had refused to let go seniors? Things have to move on. Apparently, we shouldn’t look at replacing sachin(anyway we wouldn’t find a perfect match) There is no replacement to this great sports star. But, there are innumerable people who were inspired by this master blaster, who according to me are the right people to carry on the legacy of a man called sachin tendulkar.

Please note that this one tour of Australia doesn’t undervalue the contributions he made to the Indian Cricket. But, time has come to face the reality. Sachin must pass on his legacy to the young turks who are waiting for THAT ONE CHANCE to prove that India is not made up of sachin alone but of people who took inspiration from the great man.

Sachin.. pass the legacy..don’t delay it!

I feel proud to say that, I refused to BRIBE an inspector.Though it is not something out of the box, at the same time it is not routine either. How many of we bribed  police men to avoid hefty traffic fines? Even I did! But, not this time.

January 18th, I booked my slot to get a permanent driving licence. It is not exaggeration to say that in our local RTA office you find more brokers than normal people. People here are so lazy(not exactly, but busy) to stand in line and take the pain of filling in the applications.

There is some magic in this RTA office. I wonder about the intelligence these employees over here posses( more powerful than any barcode scanner). I’l tell you why and how.

Every counter over here is accessed only through a rat hole which is dug into a clean glass window. The guy on the other side with typical spectacles who rarely stares at ones face is busy glancing at the application form and copywriting the info into the system. But, B-U-T there are some hands over here which do not need any particulars! People with those hands are neatly called BROKERS. Excuse me! I am not making a mockery of the institution. The situation has decently improved though. But, the broker ZAMANA still prevails. That is the 1st stage of getting a driving licence. Thank the almighty i made it to the second stage in one sitting!

Here comes the crucial stage. Practical Driving TEST. It’s a test not on your driving ability but on your communication skills. It tests how better you understand the humans emotion for the urge of money. How best you deliver it!

Well I took the test, came out with a huge smile thinking that I drove carefully slowly and more importantly followed every single rule. This celebration of mine was obstructed by a constable who right away asked me to come after 10 days.

What the F. I asked him the reason. He said that I missed a track!  I was dumb struck I argued with him that I’ve done everything according to the book. But of no use. He took my father away, Woho I get it his hand started itching. My dad came back and told how giving  500 rupees to the constable would make me virtually complete the MISSED track and get my driving licence. If it was old me my hand straight away would reach my pocket for a 500 note. No , not this time! NOT AGAIN! Defiantly not NOW!

I jogged towards the constable, I shouted that I won’t pay a penny to him. I shouted right into HIS FACE! Yeah Right into his face, which drew attention of other people. He was on the Backfoot pretending that he has no idea on what i was shouting about. With all my documents in hand I stood there and again reinstated that I wont be going unless I get another chance to drive on the track(I want to prove myself, I don’t want to get a licence straight away!) My father had soothing words, the constable had warning words other people had Indian Juggard words(let go) to say to me. But I had only one word. Why the fuck did the constable asked me to bribe? Why am I not getting my duly deserved licence? I just had one word to say, give me another chance(if you think i failed in the 1st one).

And that’s how I got the 2nd chance. People, I’ve got only one thing to say, don’t be shy and afraid to stand out if there no mistake of yours if you are being denied of your rights. The era of giving roses and changing people is over. it’s the era of speaking out! Standing for what you believe in!..


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Ever wondered how routine our lives are?  same college, same friends, same dishes, listening to the same old songs in our iPod’s, sticking to same genre of movies. We are comfortable doing the same old things. The question is “WHY?”

Are we afraid of doing new things?  Meeting new people,trying new places? Changing the old? May be yes! We are afraid of  trying new things in life and changing the routine because we are so used to it to let it go. We refuse to change even though sometimes it is necessary. Why are we so afraid of changing?

Even the idea of trying a new dish, talk to new people scares us. Why? The thought of something unknown and something new scares us. Some one rightly said “Life beings at the end of your comfort zone!”

We are afraid to try a new dish because the fear of not tasting good catches us. The thought of attending a party scares us because there are so many “UNKNOWNS”. We fear to move away from that particular person because we are afraid how the life is going to be without a person you’ve loved so long. We fear new! We fear change!

But, that one step you take to do things differently, that one decision you take to meet new people.  That one thought that you want to try something NEW might change your lives in a way you’ve never imagined! Why don’t we try some thing new? Why stick to the old?

Go attend few parties, meet new people, try new dishes. Let go that person who is troubling you. Get rid your inhibitions. Because life is all about what you make it!

It’s your life! You are writer of your own story. Go make it!

Okay. Here is something that is seldom happened to me. Have you ever woke up at your place not finding your parents and only surrounded by DEAD silence!? Well, I did!

November 20th :

Unlike my boring days, this day is pretty hectic. Had to drive a lot(loving these days) Driving in Hyderabad traffic is not an easy job. We are drained mentally and physically. It flexes all your muscles, including your MOUTH! Having said that, you can imagine the toll that our body takes.

Hence was pretty tired and slowly slipped into deep sleep.

November 21st

9 AM: It’s a usual morning, woke to the COOKER sound  in my neighbor’s  place. (Jobless like me cannot afford to sleep peacefully in these concrete jungles!) As part of my routine cleared my Bladder. Later, sat on the sofa with a news paper in a hand. Suddenly I realized that something is missing(Milk? Radio?) Oh no my parents!!

No one was shouting at me to brush, to bathe, to eat, which my mother usually does.  No body was asking me about the headlines in the news paper, which my father usually does. Let out my first shout! No response. Got damn! Searched rooms to my frustration-disappointment couldn’t find them. I was awestruck. Where could they possibly go? That too so early! AS my thoughts were engulfed by the silence in the house. The neighbors cooker has stopped. I could literally hear the ticking of our wall clock.

Thanks to technology, wonder how people used to deal these freaking situations in the age of NO cellphones. Reached my mobile phone, dialed my mom number. There was no response. Damn it! At least something/someone should be responding. How come everything goes into hibernate state at once?

I seriously recommend sarees with POCKETS.  At least a single pocket just to carry a cell phone. Keeping them in Hand bags and keeping those hand bags a KM away from you is not what you intend.

Called up by DAD. Every tring-tring sounded like a F1 Go signal. The 1st question I ask him was what happened? Why did you abandon me? :|(Haha)

I was shell shocked by his reply. He said that, I was informed(when in bed) that they would be going out. Break Fast and Lunch are prepared and kept on the table.

I tell you I swear I don’t remember any such conversation. How could my brain skip such vital matters? Did it take the conversation to be imagination and scrapped it? (I hardly remember my Dreams). Did I hear them and later forgot? Or I didn’t even hear them?

One thing is clear. My brain should be formatted. It should be shown the subtle difference between reality and imagination.

Beauty is always mistaken to be external. But,Real Beauty is something which lies inside you not on you! Real beauty is something that is not reflected on mirrors but is felt with heart. Beauty can either be a judgment of ones physical appearance or a word that lies in your heart, a word that can only be discovered by a loved one. External beauty is time limited, it dies after sometime. But, the inner beauty is the one which stays with you until you die!

Having said that, women are the REAL representatives of REAL beauty. Beauty and women are analogous. Both internally as well as externally, internal beauty gives us a sense of satisfaction and respect where as external gives us a sense of pride. But, inner beauty has wider domain of acceptance and respect.

But, in this world, people give more importance to external beauty(which is time limited)  may be that’s the reason in the exponential increase of divorce cases!

There are many roles carried out by women in their entire life. Each one is different, complex and joyous.  It stats from being a daughter.

Woman as daughter:

As someone rightly said “A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future”. Daughter is the stage where the inner beauty starts to bubble. The love she shows on father and mother is unmatchable.

Women as sister:

We fought, we patched up. We laughed at jokes that no one can understand. We said some of the meanest things to each other. We defended each other when others won’t. We did some of the silliest things together and there’s so many stories to be recalled when we are together.

Women as Mother:

How does my mom show her love for us? Not through words but through her cooking. Somehow the meals taste great because it’s mom’s cooking. Her secret ingredient? Love. And we feel blessed to have her cooked for us.

Women as wife:

Being a wife can be a challenge and one of the biggest roles that a woman can take on.

It’s easier to be loving during the early years of a relationship where everything is fresh and new. It takes commitment and dedication to remain loving in a long marriage, especially one where the busyness of daily life and children could  be overwhelming at times.

Each one is different from each other. Yet, one thing is common LOVE shown by women is each stage of her life is unmatchable. All the above notes have nothing to do with the physical appearance. It’s her inner beauty(understanding, sacrificial, love, patience) which strengthens the bonding in the odds.

On a concluding thought, real beauty is reflected in your character but not physically. There are cosmetics to dress up your external beauty and disguise yourself . Inner beauty has no cosmetics to dress up, it has nothing to hide. It’s the true character of a person!

Appreciate it! Accept it!. If you can, reward it with genuine love! After all, women ask for genuine and pure LOVE!

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